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how to delete a RAG collection

how can i delete a RAG collection if i dont want to use it any more

where to get Bearer token

On this page to test out the Complete Model endpoint it says to input Bearer Where do I get the Bearer? the access tokens do not work <https://docs.gradient.ai/reference/completemodel>

access tocken

any time limit for gradient access tocken

using Rag Collection in Python code

import gradientai import os from gradientai import Gradient os.environ['GRADIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN'] = "" os.environ['GRADIENT_WORKSPACE_ID'] = "" # Initialize your Gradient instance gradient = Gradient() def run_answer_example_with_rag_collection(\*, gradient: Gradient) -> None: question = "What are the titles of the books you got for knowledge" ``` print("==== Q & A ====") print(f"Question: {question}\n") print("Answering question using RAG collection...") try: # Include the RAG collection ID in the source parameter, according to the error message format result = gradient.answer( question=question, source={ "type": "document", # Adjusted to 'document' as per error message "value": "Salesman" # Speculative inclusion of collection ID }, ) print(f"Answer: {result['answer']}") except Exception as e: # Broad exception to catch any errors from the method call print(f"An error occurred: {e}") print("================\n") ``` # Run the function run_answer_example_with_rag_collection(gradient=gradient) How can i make that it uses my RAG Collection to answer?


seems that I can use the fine-tune model for free? where can I see the billing process and how much it costs?

Api document upload

I want to upload multiple documents through api, and i want relevant answers from that document how to do this?


I recently signed up. But there is nowhere to see what I will be paying. It seems I can use everything for free on the standard package

Fine tuning Llama to generate rap lyrics

Hi, I'm trying to fine tune llama in order to make it create rap lyrics 'in the way' of a certain french rapper. However, because some sentences are inappropriate I can not send the lyrics of the different songs in the instruction. I have 'flagged content'. Any idea to solve this issue because I don't think I'm breaking the rules? kind regards

Why is your branding so retro?

Is it AI generated? Is it a new trend?

Why is your branding so retro?

Is it AI generated? Is it a new trend?